Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't Settle for a job just because you are layed off...

Yesterday I attended my Suffolk Alumni Session on Rebuilding Self-Confidence After Losing Your Job. I thought it was great because there was one thing that made real sense from the meeiting...To go back in time and think back on accomplishments before you were layed off. When fellow alums were sharing their stories, they all perked up! I really think this is valuable advice because folks tend to grab anything after being fired and really don't take the time to reflect on themselves. What is your value? Don't settle because you don't want to go in a position and be miserable at it.

I remember when I started in the staffing industry and it was all exciting because of a real supportive boss and a good team and the company incentives. I stopped having that "high" when I got promoted since I developed more responsibility and worked alone. Although it was great to make more money, I really had to be accountable for a lot more. My stress level and grey hairs began to emerge.

People have to remember that self worth can be adjustable more that the job duties that is embedded in a company policy. So what if there is a waiting period. It is a great time to reflect and take on a project and develop a sense of purpose on a daily basis. Got to pay the bills? People have to distinguish a job and a career. If you know that a minial job will pay the phone bill, that is not a career choice. A career relates to passion. You have to love what you do and the amount of money you receive is secondary. Your mental health is more valuable than a job. So folks, just ask yourself what will make you happy and go back in time and think about those memorable moments.

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