Thursday, April 26, 2012

Self-Confidence Creates Positive Results

It doesn't matter how old you are or where you are in your career, what matters is you have to feel good about yourself to produce positives results in anything you do. You could be creating a new product, new image, a company...whatever it is, it is crutial to keep the faith! If you don't think you're good enough you are bound to fail because the negative attitude will show in the end result. Nothing will be productive. It doesn't matter what you do, just do what you want to do...simply because it makes you happy. Happiness leads to productivity.

Here are 6  tips to help gain confidence:

1) Do what you want to do- There is nothing more negative that doing something you despise. You are worth what you put in.

2) Don't surround yourself with negative people- You know that saying "Misery likes company." It's true. People feel that you should hang out with those who have similar problems and have vent sessions. The problem is that these "support groups" tend to show that you are not alone and validate your issues. But you must realize that the entire group is stuck and trying to figure a way out of their misery. If you can acknowledge that you need help, then you are allowing yourself to heal. You can make good choices.When you choose to be around positive people, you are choosing to hear good thoughts which lead to positive examples.

3) Like yourself- Do you like looking in the mirror each morning? If not, change your hair, your make up, your clothes, and your mind.  You have to come to terms that you are stuck with yourself  and if you don't like what you see,  you have the power to change yourself both internally and externally.

4) Exercise- Any kind of physical activity produces endorphines. It doesn't matter what kind of  exercise. Just do it. Walk to the grocery store if you're stuck.

5)  Eat well.- Don't overdo the carbs and fatty foods. Eat your veggies. A balance diet equals balanced minds.

6) Listen to positive mood music- Music creates a mood. If you listen to spiritual sounds, upbeat music or lyrical music that has good messages, it really changes your emotion to positive behavior. You are also  releasing negative energy.

I felt that I needed to communicate this because theses actions helped my productivity. Let's face it, we are not in a perfect world so you can only make it perfect for you. It is the journey to making something valuable.  In my case, I decided to write and illustrate children's book because it made me happy. Because of happiness, I gained confidence to do a second book. You can see it at It is a different direction from what I do professionally but it opened me up to a different world and I am enjoying the process. So if I can do  it, what is stopping you? Keep the faith.

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