Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Truth About Depression in Adults

There have been studies regarding bullying as a child leads to adult depression.  Many adults display anxiety and relationship issues do to a lack of self-esteem or self-image as a result of not being able to problem solve or at least not having to the knowledge to do so. Parents need to  be aware that communication is key to establishing  strong  relationships and problem solving for kids. When you are bullied as a child and you cannot process thoughts effectively on how to get out of a negative situation which leads you automatically believed that you are inadequate. Parents can go a long way in teaching about self-image or problem resolutions to their children.  A strong family bond is a platform to having  confident external relationships and a true sense of identity. Reading children's books that have messages are crucial to developing  group discussions. It was the reason why my book, Moon Girl, has multiple messages in hopes to have children ask questions about her self worth and reasons why she left her post, provoking emotions and thoughts about themselves. It is great to see anti-bullying laws in both the US and Europe but it will take some time to see if how effective it will be when implementing those rules in schools. Here is a research document of  how childhood bullying leads to adult depression.

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