Friday, June 8, 2012

I Suck At Office Interviews

A new self-help book on Kindle called,"I Suck At Office Interviews." by B.S. Jobs caught my attention today. Now if you need some help during the interviewing process or if you just graduated from school, this is one informative yet entertaining guideline book. The good news it's not very long so you won't fall asleep.

Historically, I've had interviewing nightmares as a recruiter and hiring manager. It was truly sad when I believe that everyone has a home. But I couldn't hire some good people because another manager or client found something wrong with them. These candidates were, in fact, well qualified for the applied jobs. Unfortunately, people are people and if recruiters or hiring managers like your image or personality, that really is what makes you a winner.  Sure, you may have some qualifications with a 2.9 GPA but if you are personable and present yourself well, you'll pass. I have interviewed some great candidates with perfect GPAs from a prestigious college but there are some hiring managers who passed them up for the "cooler" ones. Seriously, it is so high school.

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