Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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What Inspired Me
I grew up in a the city overseas (Hong Kong). When I was young I couldn't figure out Santa in department stores, Santa on T.V.,Santa at church, or even Santa in books? Who was this huge red and white fellow? I never figured it out until I was a teen. I asked my brother questions and he always had an answer even if he was completely wrong. I looked at the night sky on Christmas Eve to see if I could spot Santa with Rudolph. On top of it, I lived in a high rise so we didn't have fireplaces and chimneys...I didn't have that exposure or hadn't seen snow until I went to college in Massachusetts. My brother came up with a brilliant idea of taping our socks on the windows. Somehow, we always had presents under the Christmas tree even though it was a fake plastic one.

When I was in elementary school, my teacher said it was time to write Santa a letter. Each year, I wrote requesting a puppet...I never got what I wanted and I always received a toy tea set. I just figured that Santa was getting old or ran out of puppets.

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