Monday, August 10, 2009

Resourcefully Speaking: Networking skills-Where and When.

In today's economy, people think that there are no jobs are out there. The reality is that there is a influx of employment, but companies are cutting down on recruiting and marketing expenses used for on line advertisements like Monster or outwardly expensive creative recruiting like open house parties, sky writing, or even advertising buses to name a few. Therefore, folks are taking the intiatives to go back to basics like old fashion networking. Take advantage of your alumni association get togethers, even your religious group get togethers. I have met very interesting people in my field that referred me to other interesting people. It sounds too simple because it is! As a society, we tend to be wrapped up in quick communication and efficiency which tends to make us inefficient in our in person soft skills. Since the email and texting generation came to play, folks are forgetting how to write and spell these days. What about those acronyms...OMG and LOL? If you think about this issue, if makes you wonder about that English teacher that gave you a hard time in elementary school for grammar.

What about social networking? Now this is powerful since I found my first job out of college when I met this guy wearing a cast in a Sunset Boulevard night club. I didn't even think about socializing since I was there to dance. Simply, he asked me "What do you do?" and I said,"I'm looking for a job". He handed me a business card and said to call him in the AM. Now, to make a long story short, I did get hired as an Administrative Assistant and worked for his family business for a year and a half. You're thinking, "But that's for recent grads". You're wrong. That was just a story in its simplicity. But for mid- management and executive level, I know that folks have met leads in cigar bars. What about friends referring friends? Been there, done that. Don't forget that fundraising party where you get to have fun and do a great deed. That's the best place to go for both professional and social reasons.

So keep the faith that networking is important in person where you must shake that hand and give good eye contact. Does this mean forget about Facebook and Linked in? Remember, they are great for insightful readers and networking tools but keep it in mind, that presenting your self in person is most powerful, resourcefully speaking.


Anonymous said...

Very True! Its amazing how people forget how to be personable.

Anonymous said...

I found my job while at a summer party. You're right! Now, I'm partners at a law firm.