Thursday, August 6, 2009

Humanly speaking: How to be optimistic in today's layed off world

People say that I have a positive way of looking at life when the economy is lousy and unemployment is high. So what if you just lost your job to corporate America's change management decisions. It's happening everywhere globally.

So is it doom and gloom for you professionally? The answer is simply "no". Since I'm no stranger to change management, I always look at the bright side since I had nothing to do with a company's decision of cutting costs or mergers and aquisitions. Most recently layed off folks generally receive a decent severance package and unemployment benefits tumbling after. Honestly, this is not a bad deal since there are countries out there who never heard of unemployment. Seriously, our US system gives us an opportunity to look for other prospects and gives us time to think about the next step. It does help if you know how to save for the rainy day fund and Susie Orman is your hero but did you ever begin to think about the other stuff that makes you a complete person? For example, parents who work themselves to death for the sake of making their kids happy by stashing funds for the disney world vacations or the toy they always wanted. C'mon parents! Speaking as a parent, you child will live. Think of the free and quality time you will have with your child! You'll get to do fun stuff like going to the beach and movies. Working parents tend to over compensate due to the lack of time they spend with their child. My kid is thrilled that I'm in transition.

What about the single folks? Well, this change not a bad deal at all. I mean you don't have to have any responsibilities but to yourself. So what if you don't have enough money to party with? There are inexpensive ways to have fun. So have your buds over for drinks and make a pot luck party with a theme. Professionally speaking, you have an opportunity to travel, search and see what is out there. Money shouldn't be a primary factor especially if you are trying to get out of your industry. Even if a new job doesn't pay enough, think about the learning experience that you will gain for an adventure.

How about taking advantage of your life's passion which in most cases turns into the bucket list if you wait too long. This could be a good time to paint that picture and display it in Starbucks for fun. Just the other day, I watched this documentary on how this four year old became this overnight sensation due to the parents displaying their daughter's canvas painting in a coffee shop. I mean if you think about it, what do you have to lose? So what if no one buys your painting? It wasn't your primary profession to begin with. What I am saying is that instead of freaking out and getting depressed on where you're suppose to be in your professional life, why not just taking some time and reflect and focus your energy on the less serious stuff in life and try to have some fun in the mean time. You never know what will happen. Just an example, I sold this collector plate for $15 dollars at an antique fair and bought it for $5 at an estate sale. You're thinking "big deal". Well, it is if you're thinking percentages. I'm not saying that I've decided to change my profession but simply, its not the end of the world and there is more than one way to make a buck and have fun doing it while living off of unemployment.

Well, we all know that severance and unemployment benefits will run out. So take that mediocre contracting job and that job offer which pays you a little less. Trust me, things aren't that bad, humanly speaking.

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