Monday, October 19, 2009

Should Professionals dress up for Halloween?

Halloween in coming up and I know that most of you think of Trick or Treating for kids. However, it is a time for adults to have fun too!

There are a number of parties and celebrations out there and some of them are incorporated in fundraising events. A great example is the Monster March at Boston City Hall to benefit the Samaritans. Trust me, it is like Mardi Gras here but colder. Folks, check out your City's website to see what is going on. That aside, this is a great time for both social and professional networking too. What a great way to see who is creative in your potential social circle and to identify the most courageous! Most importantly, it is a great opportunity to you to market yourself and make a memorable statement.

Don't forget about your kid's birthday parties during this time. Get involved with the parents! If you are going through transition, what a way to win parents hearts through their kids! Keep an open mind. Just a quick note to say, get in touch with you inner child and have fun! That is truly a treat, resourcefully speaking.

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