Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Wave to the New Year.

And so it's the new year and I'm sure you made your new year's resolutions. Typically, the #1 resolution to the new year is "Lose Weight". But if you think about it, hasn't that been everyone's resolution too, every year? So why make that a resolution when you can do it any time of year? Granted, it is a good one but how about a twist on it? Losing weight really makes you think about your body and essentially your health but since we haven't exactly got off the recession blues, we really need to lose weight from our mind set.

Don't get me wrong, its is important to be in good health but we tend to neglect our major muscle, our brain! With lay offs and the current economy, our concerns and stress levels really adds a lot of weight and I believe that in the year, we need to think about alleviating some of it.

Being layed off myself, I found a lot of comfort in these depressing times. Almost every person I met during the holidays mentioned being layed off or business is slow. I'm even surprised that the malls didn't close down! But they didn't which showed me that people have some reservation to buy, buy, buy. Why? Because things aren't that hopeless. And there are other forms of income. Like unemployment...still taxable and income. Also, it gave me new insight to investing in stocks which I'm gaining some serious gain...tech stocks and medical devices...never goes wrong. I figured if I got laid off from a tech company due to an acquistion, the stock will go up if the mother company is doing well. Sure enough, I was right! You see, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, since I know that companies are going through adjustment with reduction, it will be a while till they look for new hires. So I started an online business for added income and I'm already making some small cash. Small but still cash.

Besides, monetary investments, folks should invest in knowledge and act upon inspiring thoughts. If you aren't working, what have you got to lose at this point? This is a great time to take a course or certification to learn something new...anything new. You never know where it can lead you. I mean... seriously, all of us are fascinated with reality TV because we find it amusing or perhaps inspiring. We often can relate to the characters. Take celebrities like Donny and Marie Osmond...without "Dancing with the Stars", I don't think they would have made a serious come back. Look at them now. Marie lost all that weight and a spoke person to some form of Jenny Craig and Donny won the trophy and both of them are headliners in Vegas now! These two were folks were popular way back then...I remember the 70's...I was four. To top it off, they are brother and sister! I could never sing with my brother!

I believe there are always opportunites even if you're not looking. Having such a productive time during my unemployed life, I watched an episode on Ellen. There was this prodigy who played the piano and composed music. This 9 year old has her own website and selling her music and probably making millions. The other day, I watched the view who had millionaire tweens...yes tweens! What's wrong with this? Nothing! It bugs me that I hear folks from my generation and older who complain and focuses on the negative and say they are thinking about doing something. Y'know just do it even if it fails. You can always learn from your mistakes. So I decided to get my children's book published. A story I wrote 10 years ago. It took me 10 years to finally decide to get it published.

I think it's fair to say that losing negativity and stress will alleviate a lot of weight off of your mind. To gain knowledge and to act on opportunity is a great new year's resolution, resourcefully speaking.

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