Monday, February 1, 2010

Love yourself by being passionate...

It's Valentine's month and its a reminder to think about your loved ones. However, the most important person you should be thinking about is yourself. Love yourself by being passionate about something you want to do or learn.

As the economy slowly recovers, it is a great time investing in yourself. Yes, this means go back to school and learn something new. As you can see, unemployment rates are still high (currently 9.2 in MA), and jobs need to be created. While new businesses are being invested, and new technology is being discovered ( like in green technology), take the time to figure out what might get you hired and balance it in what you want to do. Without passion, you don't have drive, without drive, you don't have direction.

Even though this process isn't instantaneous, you need to start somewhere and soon. Do it even if it fails. With failure, you gain knowledge or lessons learned. Most importantly, this leads to experience. And if you have experience, you can add it on your resume and it can only make you look more marketable in the workplace. Its all cyclical and all positive, resourcefully speaking.

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