Thursday, July 5, 2012

Autism- A Spectrum of Hope

During my visit to Los Angeles, I had the privilege of knowing the founder of A Spectrum of Hope Foundation. This wonderful organization helps families who have an autistic child and are eager to learn how to apply learning capabilities. Their mission statement:

"Our mission is to foster hope to families with young children affected by autism spectrum disorder. We provide Advocacy Grants to qualifying families and offer early intervention information so treatment can begin as soon as possible. "

The foundation promotes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a science that studies environmental events that affects behavior in a child. What is amazing about this science is that  it works and  I have see the positive results from this application. This is a Californian foundation but it is well worth a visit to the website as a starting point to those who don't know where to begin. Many American families are affected by a child with autism and must have the learning tools to help themselves in order to help their child. This is truly a great knowledge based foundation. Pass this information on to those who may benefit from this.

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