Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 911

11 years ago, I almost lost my mom and brother but luckily they were scheduled to go to the 10:00am flight on American Airlines to Los Angeles. I was 7 months pregnant and in the Boston office doing payroll. My co-worker said, "New York was hit!".  My former boss said we all had to evacuate the building.

Everyone in downtown was running and panicking. Cell phones were not working. The "T" wasn't running. Everything stalled except for the pubic uncertainty of what could happen next.

It wasn't easy for me to walk fast with a round tummy. I was worried about Boston and my husband and my future baby. I had thought about another attack. I was worried that if Boston was attacked, it would be all the schools. Floods of irrational thinking streamed through me.

I ran into my husband as I walked closer to home. I was relieved.

Looking back, I remembered the chaos but I also saw the nation become closer and more united. We became more cautious and found a purpose against terrorism. We needed to protect the present to strengthen the future.

I look at my daughter now who will soon be 11 years old. I count my blessings each day thank those who made it possible for all of us to live safer each passing day.

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